New Artists – NOW!

The line up for every major CJazz festival, save a few, is almost exactly the same. So why when there are so many talented new CJazz artists, are we looking at the same faces at every show? It’s time for those of use who love this music to step up and be the change we want to see in CJazz.

Improvisations on Reality

I think this post has been a long time in the making, and in advance, I apologize for any profanity. Sorry but, as ever, not sorry, because someone really needs to say this.

I am growing more than a little bit annoyed at seeing the same lineups all over the country.

And I’m most certainly not alone in that. Certainly, I’m in the minority because I’m under 50, but if I’m hearing someone who’s in my mother’s age group consistently complain there’s nothing new in X festival and there’s no need to bother going, something is wrong with the picture.

This is 2015. It’s now about six years that we’ve been without a radio station, with some very few exceptions, but so far, the genre of contemporary jazz has been surviving well. However, there is a drastic shortage of new blood on the scene and I am growing exhausted with seeing…

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