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The Fundamental “Why” Of Music Discovery – hypebot

via The Fundamental “Why” Of Music Discovery 

This guest post  by Cortney Harding on Medium recently appeared on Hypebot.  It poses a tough question for musicians and artists that use streaming services as a marketing and promotion tool. Is it working? Are fans discovering you and your music? Spotify insists that they’re an indie artist BFF because they are putting your music in the ears of millions of listeners at no cost to you. So I guess that means you should have lots of sales.  Is it working? Spotify has yet to turn a profit despite the popularity and growth of streaming. They (and their competitors) haven’t convinced enough people to buy subscriptions to their service. Why?

What is the ‘attitude’ toward music today?  How are people being moved by it? Or are they being moved?  What does if anything does music mean to people and what are they willing to do because of it and for it.  Courtney Harding’s take on this is a worthy read.